A High Definition Physics Toolkit

Electromagnetic phenomena have become increasingly important in both commercial and military applications due to the ability of waves to carry information over distances many orders of magnitude greater than their wavelength. This information ranges from cell phone conversations to radar returns from unidentified targets. The physics-based scattering phenomena can be very complex and occur in many different forms such as: specular reflection, creeping waves, traveling waves, slow-moving surface waves, edge diffraction, singular currents at surface discontinuities, resonating gaps and cavities, and general material response.

Over the last several years, HyPerComp, Inc. has been developing the HDphysics-T, in collaboration with many DoD agencies to address the general needs for accurate broadband RCS prediction. At present this environment includes a suite of pre- and post-processing tools to aid the analyst in setting up geometrically complex problems, running full Maxwell’s equation solvers on any parallel architecture, and visualizing selected properties of the solutions. HDPhysics-T is a time-domain solver based on high order nodal Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method. It is routinely used for large-scale EM modeling. HDPhysics-T produces broadband frequency response from a single run (>1000 freq cuts)