A HyPerComp CFD Engine

CFD Tools developed at HyPerComp range cover a wide spectrum of flows, ranging from compressible to incompressible, free surfaces, sprays, real gas models, thermochemical nonequilibrium, combustion, RANS and DES to LES, plasma and MHD effects.

HyCE is a parallel, unstructured mesh solver that has been extensively validated from low to high speed flows, with the capability of solving problems with finite rate reacting flows, conjugate heat transfers, spray, radiative heat transfer, and supercritical flows using Redlich-Kwong and Peng-Robinson equation of state. It includes a suite of RANS turbulence models. Basic two and three temperature models of air in thermal non-equilibrium are implemented.

HyCE can model moving geometries such as turbomachinery and rotary (Wankel-type) combustors, continuous detonation engines. HyCE solves spray problems using Lagrangian system of equation coupled with the Eulerian system of equation (Navier-Stokes equations). Expandable data structure based on one-dimensional stacks is used to handle the spray dynamics involving coalescence, break-up, multiple injection locations etc.

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