Virtual Injector Screening Platform

VISP provides an interface and a common computational fluid dynamics simulation environment for the Advanced Liquid Rocket Engine Stability Technology-ALREST High Fidelity Model (AHFM) and General Equation and Mesh Solver (GEMS) software. It was developed under Air-Force Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF), and comprises of a suite of inter-operating codes, interfaces and utilities to assist the complete (start-to-finish) process of simulating Oxidizer-Rich Staged Combustion (ORSC) Main Combustion Chamber (MCC) injector dynamics.

All together, they provide robust and high fidelity fluid dynamics prediction for various heat transfer and combustion problems. Base solvers (AHFM and GEMS) have been extensively validated against numerous reacting and non-reacting single and multiple injector experiments under a variety of conditions. VISP is also capable of modeling pressure gain combustion devices such as rotating detonation engines.

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