Natural and mixed convection

HIMAG can perform natural and mixed convection cases with ease. Few of the examples of HIMAG simulation in collaboration with Texcel and UCLA are shown below.

This is a benchmark problem based on experimental studies (Tagawa et al.) of MHD buoyancy-driven convection for a mercury flow in a differentially heated vertical enclosure of a square cross-section. The applied transverse magnetic field in the experiment is perpendicular to the temperature gradient (Figure shown below). The natural convection occurs due to the imposed temperature difference between two vertical walls.

Numerical computations and experiments have been carried out before for a buoyant flow of liquid metal in a long vertical channel, in the presence of a uniform magnetic field. The experiments were conducted by Tagawa et al to study the MHD buoyancy-driven convection in a differentially heated channel.

It was seen that since this is the case of magnetic field being perpendicular to the applied temperature gradient, the core flow becomes 2D. A similar observation was made by Tagawa.

Blanket case using HIMAG - a manifold is a geometric element that is used to distribute the liquid metal into the larger blanket breeding zone

MHD Flow in Concentric Pipes - A systematic analysis of MHD pressure drop as a function of the proposed design variables for access ducts employed in the design of DCLL blankets

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