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Welcome to HyPerComp, Inc.
HyPercomp specializes in the research and development of computational tools for multidisciplinary engineering analysis involving electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, combustion, and magneto-hydrodynamics. We are pleased to offer you a tour of our company via this web site. Everything from the impressive list of HyPerComp's technical expertise to the outstanding credentials of it's staff are available for your perusal. We feel confident that after viewing all that we have to offer, you'll agree that HyPerComp is a leader in high performance computing. Please read the page previews below.

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Overview of HyPerComp, Inc.
View our company mission as well as how we optimize our overhead to be both streamlined and thorough.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics

The CFD group at HyPerComp are experts in their fields. Learn about their capabilities and past projects.

Computational Electro Magnetics
Computational Electro - Magnetics

View the features of TEMPUS (Time-Domain Electro-Magnetic Parallel Unstructured Simulator), HyPerComp's time-domain CEM code.

Magnetohydro Dynamics
Magnetohydro Dynamics
Learn about the MHD group's work in compressible and incompressible magneto-hydro dynamics.


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